Aviotec International, an Aviation Consulting firm based in Ontario, has reached out to Sunset Aviation Services Ltd.

They are currently working with the government of British Columbia in order to upgrade a helideck attached to a hospital on Vancouver Island. In a recent conversation, the president of Aviotec International shared his thoughts of our expertise in such matters:

“We are working on a hospital rooftop heliport project in BC and questions and issues have arisen regarding wind orientation and turbulence experienced on rooftop helideck environments.  As such, we are seeking an expert to provide advisory and review options. I recognize that your expertise is more related to offshore environments, but suspect that your expertise is applicable and transferable. Going forward, I was also hoping to discuss your interest in supporting us on other heliport projects that we are undertaking across Canada.”

Another example of our operational expertise being valued by industry leaders.

Sunset has entered into discussions with a major SE Asia helicopter operator that requires compliance for offshore S92/AW139 operations in the Gulf of Thailand.

In particular, both aircraft types will require review/edit of all manuals :

  2. Special Operations Manual
  3. NCL & ECL
  4. MEL

Our in depth knowledge of how to interface cockpit centred operational communication with requirements of Civil Aviation Authorities’ compliance objectives, ensures that our partner will have robust operational tools as they move from a larger S92 fleet to a more evenly distributed medium (AW139) and S92 fleet.