Sunset has the ability to use the S92A for flare tip changes. (FTCs) This aircraft, with a 6500-7500 lb, Flare Tip lift capacity, has proven itself with the completion of numerous Flare Tip changes offshore in Canada and The USA.

Sunset pilots have extensive backgrounds in vertical reference work in the S92A and other heavy helicopters such as the Super Puma, Kamov and the S61.
In addition, they are both currently active flying the S92 in Captain and First Officer roles supporting all weather offshore oil operations in North America.

Sunset also has access to employ and train certified loadmasters that can be used offshore for Flare Tip Changes. All loadmasters are helicopter AME’s.

Depending on the area of jurisdiction, the AME’s are able to service and sign out the aircraft as needed.

Current Sunset engineers with signing authority will be available onsite to perform any maintenance that is required when away from main base of operations. (e.g. offshore at Flare Tip Location).