Offshore Operations Abroad


Maintenance is a fundamental factor to guarantee safety in the oil and gas industry. Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul operations (MRO) is essential to keep aircraft in optimal conditions and provide airworthiness to passengers and flight crews together with safety. We have constant and effective inspection and maintenance programs, to achieve integrity and performance of helicopters.

MRO Maintenance concept encompasses a wide range of critical processes that require expert attention. MRO Maintenance encompasses a set of operations with complex logistics that involves the supply of expensive parts, specially conditioned areas for machinery repair, state-of-the-art technology for optimal service and highly qualified technical personnel, meeting the demands that excellence requires.

It also involves complex administrative work that includes not only the repairs and checks themselves, but also the costs that this implies for customers. An aircraft is an asset that produces profits, so one of the objectives of the services provided by an MRO Maintenance center is to achieve a minimum impact on the client’s productivity, minimizing aircraft downtime therby maximizing profit margin.

A comprehensive solution of this maintenance covers the following aspects:

Technical review protocols

Logistics and installation of spare parts

Monitoring of useful life of installed parts

Computer Aided Maintenance

Modifications and reconditioning

Management of human and material resources

Aircraft maintenance for all offshore and deep water operations have highly demanding processes and recognitions. We are the best alternative in Helicopter maintenance as an authorized workshop for Pratt & Whitney, Turbomeca and General Electric manufacturers.

The designation as a certified workshop is granted to a select group that, due to its characteristics, guarantees to maintain the standards and levels of service, as well as the certification guideline for technical personnel and the availability of services for customers.

We help our clients obtain ISO 9000 certification granted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and which is applicable to all preventive and corrective maintenance processes of each of the aircraft we operate.